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Publisher Jim Hall
Date 12 January 1998
System requirements
Processor 8086 / 8088 (80386 recommended)
RAM 640 kB of memory (2 MB recommended)
Display modes text mode
CD-ROM drive Primary distribution method; floppies available
Floppy drive only if not installed to hard drive or booted from CD
SoundBlaster not required
Uses internal speaker not required

FreeDOS is a free and open-source clone of MS-DOS. It was created due to dissatisfaction with the discontinuation of MS-DOS as a stand-alone operating system. Jim Hall and others wanted to create a free clone that they could continue to use and develop without having to purchase Windows. They collected the pre-existing free DOS applications, and began writing new ones and a replacement kernel. FreeDOS 1.0 was finally released on September 3, 2006.

FreeDOS 1.1

The FreeDOS 1.1 distribution was released 2 January 2012.

FreeDOS 1.2

The FreeDOS 1.2 distribution was released 25 December 2016.