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Title Released Developer Publisher
C-Dogs 1997 Ronny Wester Ronny Wester
C.E.O. 1995 Artdink Corporation Infogrames Entertainment
C.I.A. Adventure 1982 International PC Owners International PC Owners
Cabal 1988 Tad Corporation Capcom
Cadaver 1990 Bitmap Brothers Image Works
Cadaver: The Payoff 1990 Bitmap Brothers Image Works
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs:
The Second Cataclysm
1994 Rocket Science Games Sega
BMG Interactive
Caesar 1992 Impressions Games Sierra Entertainment
Caesar II 1995 Impressions Games Sierra Entertainment
California Games 1987 Epyx Epyx
California Games II 1993 Epyx Epyx
California Raisins, The 1988 Starsoft Development Laboratories Box Office
Campaign 1992 Empire Interactive Empire Interactive
Campaign II 1993 Empire Interactive Empire Interactive
Cannon Fodder 1993 Sensible Software Virgin Interactive
Cannon Fodder 2 1994 Sensible Software Virgin Interactive
Capitalism 1995 Enlight Interactive Magic
Capitalism Plus 1996 Enlight Interactive Magic
Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness 1994 Bridgestone Multimedia Group Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Captain Blood 1988 Exxos Infogrames Entertainment
Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality 1990 Michael Denio ComputerEasy
Captain Dynamo 1993 Codemasters Codemasters
Captain Power and the
Soldiers of the Future
1988 Box Office Software Box Office Software
Captain Zins 1994 Freelance Development Dresdner Bank
Captive 1990 Mindscape Mindscape
Capture the Flag 1993 Carr Software
Captured by Pirates! 1992 Steven Green PCT
Car & Driver 1992 Looking Glass Studios Electronic Arts
Car Builder 1982 Optimum Resource, Inc. Optimum Resource, Inc.
Card Sharks 1988 Softie ShareData
Cardinal of the Kremlin, The 1990 Capstone Software IntraCorp
Cargo Bay Deluxe 1995 Cytherean Adventures MVP Software
Caribbean Disaster 1995 Ikarion Software Ikarion Software
Carl Lewis Challenge, The 1992 Psygnosis Teque London
Carlos Sainz 1990 Zigurat Software S.L. Zigurat Software S.L.
Carmageddon 1997 Stainless Software Ltd. SCi
Carmageddon Max Pack 1997 Stainless Software Ltd. SCi
Carmageddon Splat Pack 1997 Stainless Software Ltd. SCi
Carnage 1993 Warped Minds Zeppelin Games Limited
Carrier Command 1989 Realtime Games Rainbird Software
Carrier Strike 1992 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Carriers at War 1991 Strategic Studies Group Strategic Studies Group
Carriers at War II 1993 Strategic Studies Group Strategic Studies Group
CART Racing 1997 Papyrus Design Group Sierra Entertainment
Cartels and Cutthroats 1985 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Cartooners 1989 ITDA Electronic Arts
Case of the Cautious Condor, The 1992 Tiger Media Airwave Adventure
Cash Invaders 2002 Bas de Reuver
Casino Games 1982 IBM IBM
Casino Slots 1993 JJ Gameware ZSoft Corporation
Castaway - The Ordeal Begins 1995 John Gallon John Gallon
Castle Adventure 1984 Kevin Bales
Castle Master 1990 Teque Software Development Incentive Software
Castle Master 2: The Crypt 1991 Teque Software Development Incentive Software
Castle of Dr. Brain 1991 Sierra Entertainment Sierra Entertainment
Castle Wolfenstein 1984 Muse Software Muse Software
Castles 1991 Quicksilver Software Interplay Entertainment
Castles II: Siege and Conquest 1995 Quicksilver Software Interplay Entertainment
Castles: The Northern Campaign 1992 Quicksilver Software Interplay Entertainment
Castlevania 1990 Distinctive Software Konami
Catacomb 1990 PC Arcade Softdisk Publishing
Catacomb 3-D 1991 id Software Softdisk Publishing
Catacomb Abyss, The 1992 Gamer's Edge Softdisk Publishing
Catacomb Apocalypse, The 1993 Softdisk Publishing Froggman
Catacomb Armageddon, The 1992 Softdisk Publishing Froggman
Catacomb II 1991 John Carmack Softdisk Publishing
Catch 'Em 1989 Edson Software Edson Software
Catch Simona in New York City 1993 OctagonSoft
Catfight 1996 Phantom Card Atlantean Interactive
Caveman Ugh-Lympics 1988 Dynamix Electronic Arts
Cavequest 1985 Lightwave Consultants Lightwave Consultants
Caverns of Chaos 1992 Paul Martinez
Alison Castro
Caverns of Kroz 1987 Scott Miller Apogee Software
Caverns of Xaskazien 1995 Jeff Sinasac Little Devils
Caverns of Zoarre 1984 Erik I. Bolsos
Cavewars 1996 Broken Arrow Entertainment Avalon Hill
CD-Man 1992 Scandinavian PC Systems Creative Dimensions
Celtic Legends 1991 Ubisoft Ubisoft
Celtic Tales - Balor of the Evil Eye 1995 Koei Koei
Centerfold Squares 1988 Artworx Software Company Artworx Software Company
Centipede 1983 Atari Atari
Central Intelligence 1994 Ocean Software Ocean Software
Centurion: Defender of Rome 1990 Bits of Magic Electronic Arts
Chagunitzu 1990 Keith Schuler Softdisk Publishing
Challenge of the Ancient Empires 1990 The Learning Company The Learning Company
Challenge of the Five Realms 1992 MicroProse MicroProse
Chamber Of The Sci-Mutant Priestess
CHAMP Asterocks 1997 CHAMProgramming
CHAMP Centiped-em 1997 CHAMProgramming
CHAMP Galagon 1997 CHAMProgramming
CHAMP Galaxia 1996 CHAMProgramming
CHAMP Invaders 1997 CHAMProgramming
CHAMP Kong 1996 CHAMProgramming
CHAMP Ms. Pac-em 1996 CHAMProgramming
CHAMP Pac-em 1996 CHAMProgramming
Champions of Krynn 1990 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Championship Baseball 1986 Gamestar Activision
Championship Lode Runner 1984 Brøderbund Software Brøderbund Software
Championship Manager 1992 Intelek Domark
Championship Manager 2 1995 Sports Interactive Eidos Interactive
Championship Manager 2: Scandinavian Leagues 1997 Sports Interactive
CompuGames Software
Eidos Interactive
CompuGames Software
Championship Manager 93/94 1993 Sports Interactive Domark
Championship Manager 96/97 1996 Sports Interactive
Eidos Interactive
Eidos Interactive
Championship Manager:
End of Season Edition
1994 Abersoft Limited
Championship Manager:
Season 97/98
1997 Sports Interactive Eidos Interactive
Change Maker 1993 Bitmap Brothers Renegade Software
Chaos Angels 1989 H. Komatsu ASCII Corporation
Chaos Control 1995 Philips Interactive Media Philips Interactive Media
Chaos Engine, The 1993 Bitmap Brothers Renegade Software
Chaos Strikes Back 1989 FTL Games FTL Games
Charlie II 2001 Wiering Software Wiering Software
Charlie the Duck 1996 Mike Wiering Wiering Software
Chase on Tom Sawyer's Island, The 1988 Walt Disney Hi-Tech Expressions
Checkers 1989
Checkmate 1990 Oxford Softworks Oxford Softworks
Cheesy Invaders 1994 Cheesy Software Cheesy Software
Chess 1981 International PC Owners International PC Owners
Chess & Checkers 1988
Chess88 1984 Don Berg
Chessmaster 2000 1986 Software Toolworks Software Toolworks
Chessmaster 3000 1991 Software Toolworks Software Toolworks
Chewy: Esc from F5 1995 New Generation Software Play Byte
Chex Quest 1996 Digital Café Digital Café
Chex Quest 2 1997 Digital Café Digital Café
Chicago 90 1989 Microïds Microïds
Chickens 1996 Brainchild Design Brainchild Design
Chickens 2 1998 Brainchild Design Brainchild Design
Chinese Checkers 1991 ImagiSoft Software Creations
Chinese Chess 1992 Edward Lam
Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers:
The Adventure in Nimnul's Castle
1990 Riedel Software Productions Hi-Tech Expressions
Chip's Challenge 1991 Epyx Epyx
Chopper Commando 1990 Mark Currie
Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu Warrior 1990 Positive Positive
Christmas Carnage
Christmas Creepers 1992 Destiny Software Productions Psygnosis
Christmas Matchup 1994 Godly Games Godly Games
Chronicles of the Sword 1996 Synthetic Dimensions Psygnosis
Chrono Quest 1988 Infomedia Psygnosis
Chronomaster 1995 DreamForge Intertainment IntraCorp
Capstone Software
Chub Gam 3D: Director's Cut 1998 ChubGamSoft ChubGamSoft
Chuck Yeager's
Advanced Flight Trainer
1987 Ned Lerner Electronic Arts
Chuck Yeager's
Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0
1989 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat 1991 Brent Iverson Electronic Arts
Chuckie Egg 1985 A&F Software A&F Software
Circuit's Edge 1996 Westwood Studios Infocom
Circus Attractions 1989 Golden Goblins Rainbow Arts Software
Cisco Heat 1991 Image Works Image Works
City of Lost Children, The 1997 Psygnosis Psygnosis
Civil War 1983 International PC Owners International PC Owners
Civil War, The 1995 Empire Interactive Dagger Interactive Technologies
Clash of Steel:
World War II, Europe 1939-1945
1993 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Classic Concentration 1988 Softie ShareData
Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces 1996 Infocom Infocom
Climber 5 1987 COMPUTE! Publications COMPUTE! Publications
Clive Barker's Nightbreed:
The Action Game
1990 Impact Software Development Ocean Software
Clive Barker's Nightbreed:
The Interactive Movie
1990 Impact Software Development Ocean Software
Clock Solitaire 1991 United Innovations Plus
Clockwiser: Time is Running Out 1994 Team Hoi Games Rasputin Software
Clone Invader 1989 Gary Quiring
Cloud Kingdoms 1990 Electralyte Millenium Interactive
Clue!, The 1994 Neo Software Kompart UK
Clue: Master Detective 1989 Dalali Software Mastertronic
Clyde's Adventure 1992 Moonlite Software Moonlite Software
Clyde's Revenge 1995 Moonlite Software Moonlite Software
Coaster 1993 Code To Go Walt Disney Computer Software
Cobra Mission: Panic in Cobra City 1991 Inos Megatech Software
Code: Europe 1993 Synergistic Software Compu-Teach
Codename: ICEMAN 1989 Sierra Entertainment Sierra Entertainment
Cohort II 1993 Impressions Games Impressions Games
Cohort: Fighting for Rome 1991 Impressions Games Merit Software
Cold Dreams 1995 Immortality Production Immortality Production
Cold War Warfare 1988 Sonoma Multimedia Sonoma Multimedia
Colonel's Bequest, The 1989 Sierra Entertainment Sierra Entertainment
Colony 28 1997 5th Interactive Napoleon Games
Colony Wars 2492 1996 Digital X-citement Black Legend Software
Colony, The 1988 David Alan Smith Mindscape
Color Balls 1992 Karpukhin
Color Buster 1992 Pyramid Software Studio Pyramid Software Studio
Colorado 1990 Silmarils Silmarils
Colored Lines 1992 Gamos Ltd. Gamos Ltd.
Comanche 2 1995 NovaLogic NovaLogic
Comanche 3 1997 NovaLogic NovaLogic
Comanche CD 1994 NovaLogic NovaLogic
Comanche: Global Challenge 1993 NovaLogic Softgold Computerspiele
Comanche: Maximum Overkill 1992 NovaLogic Softgold Computerspiele
Comanche: Over the Edge 1993 NovaLogic NovaLogic
Combat Air Patrol 1995 Psygnosis
Maverick Simulation
Combat Checkers 1991
Combots 1983 International PC Owners International PC Owners
Command & Conquer 1995 Westwood Studios Virgin Interactive
Command & Conquer -
The Covert Operations
1996 Westwood Studios Virgin Interactive
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1996 Westwood Studios Virgin Interactive
Command & Conquer:
Red Alert - Counterstrike
1997 Westwood Studios Virgin Interactive
Command & Conquer:
Red Alert - The Aftermath
1997 Westwood Studios Virgin Interactive
Command HQ 1990 Ozark Softscape Microplay Software
Commander Blood 1994 Cryo Interactive Microfolie's
Commander Keen in Keen Dreams 1991 id Software Softdisk Publishing
Commander Keen in
"Aliens Ate My Babysitter!"
1991 id Software FormGen
Commander Keen in
"Goodbye, Galaxy!"
1991 id Software Apogee Software
Commander Keen in
"Invasion of the Vorticons"
1990 id Software Apogee Software
Commando 1987 Quicksilver Software Data East
Companions of Xanth 1993 Michael J. Lindner Legend Entertainment
Complete Onside Soccer 1996 Telstar Electronic Studios Telstar Electronic Studios
Complete Universal
Military Simulator, The
1993 Intergalactic Development Incorporated Intergalactic Development Incorporated
Computer Circus Maximus 1984 Avalon Hill Avalon Hill
Computer Diplomacy 1984 Avalon Hill Avalon Hill
Computer Edition of Risk -
The World Conquest Game, The
1989 Virgin Interactive Virgin Interactive
Computer Edition of Scrabble Brand Crossword Game, The Leisure Games Virgin Interactive
Computer Quiz, The 1988 Softdisk Publishing Softdisk Publishing
Computer Underground 1993 Haxoft Haxoft
Conan: The Cimmerian 1991 Synergistic Software Virgin Group
Conflict 1990 Mastertronic Mastertronic
Conflict in Vietnam 1986 MicroProse MicroProse
Conflict: Europe 1989 Personal Software Services Mirrorsoft
Conflict: Korea the First Year 1950-1951 1992 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Conflict: Middle East 1990 David J Eastman Virgin Interactive
Congo Bongo 1984 Sega Sega
Connect 4 1988 Jeff Harper
Connectris 1996 William D. Rineheart
Connex 1992 Night Sky
Conquer the World 1997 MicroProse MicroProse
Conquered Kingdoms 1992 Quantum Quality Productions Quantum Quality Productions
Conquered Kingdoms -
Scenario Disk#1
1992 Quantum Quality Productions Quantum Quality Productions
Conqueror 1990 Rainbow Arts Rainbow Arts
Conqueror A.D. 1086 1995 Software Sorcery Sierra Entertainment
Conquest 1983 Windmill Software Windmill Software
Conquest Earth 1997 Data Design Interactive Eidos Interactive
Conquest of Japan 1992 Impressions Games Impressions Games
Conquest of the New World 1996 Quicksilver Software Interplay Entertainment
Conquest of the New World:
Deluxe Edition
1997 Quicksilver Software Interplay Entertainment
Conquests of Camelot:
The Search for the Grail
1989 Sierra Entertainment Sierra Entertainment
Conquests of the Longbow:
The Legend of Robin Hood
1991 Sierra Entertainment Sierra Entertainment
Construction Bob in the
Bouncing Factory
1993 OSP Enr. OSP Enr.
Constructor 1997 System 3 Software Acclaim Entertainment
Contra 1988 Banana Development Corporation Konami
Contraption Zack 1992 Presage Software Mindscape
Cool Croc Twins 1992 Arcade Masters Empire Interactive
Cool Spot 1994 Virgin Interactive Virgin Interactive
Cool World 1992 Twilight Software Ocean Software
Corncob Deluxe 1992 Pie in the Sky Software Pie in the Sky Software
Corporate Raider:
The Pirate of Wall St.
1988 Softserv Cosmi Corporation
Corporation 1992 Core Design
Dementia Productions
Virgin Interactive
Corridor 7: Alien Invasion 1994 Capstone Software Intracorp
Corruption 1988 Magnetic Scrolls Rainbird Software
Cosmic Crusader 1982 Michael Abrash Funtastic
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure 1992 Apogee Software Apogee Software
Countdown 1990 Access Software Access Software
Countdown to Doom 1987 Topologika Topologika
Counter Action 1997 NashiIgry Llc. Mindscape
Covert Action 1990 MicroProse MicroProse
Crack of Doom, The 1989 Beam Software Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Crazy Cars 1987 Titus Interactive Titus Interactive
Crazy Cars 2 1988 Titus Interactive Titus Interactive
Crazy Cars III 1993 Titus Interactive Titus Interactive
Crazy Cows 1988 Runt time Runt time
Crazy Eights 1988 Softdisk Publishing Softdisk Publishing
Crazy Nick's Picks: King Graham's Board Game Challenge 1993 Sierra Entertainment Sierra Entertainment
Creature Shock 1994 Argonaut Games Virgin Interactive
Creepers 1992 Destiny Software Productions Psygnosis
Cribbage King / Gin King 1989 Software Toolworks Software Toolworks
Cricket 96 1996 Beam Software Electronic Arts
Cricket 97 1997 Beam Software Electronic Arts
Crime and Punishment 1984 Mindscape Mindscape
Crime City 1992 Interactive Fantastic Fiction Impressions Games
Crime Fighter 1993 Peter Steffen
Crime Patrol 1994 American Laser Games American Laser Games
Crime Time 1990 Starbyte Software Starbyte Software
Crime Wave 1990 Access Software Access Software
Crimson Crown, The 1986 Polarware Polarware
Crisis in the Kremlin 1991 Spectrum Holobyte Spectrum Holobyte
Crossbow: The Legend of William Tell 1989 Imagineering Absolute Entertainment
Crossfire 1983 Jay Sullivan Sierra Entertainment
Crown 1991 Omegavision Starbyte Software
Cruel World 1993 Makh-Shevet Makh-Shevet
Cruise for a Corpse 1991 Delphine Software International Erbe Software
Interplay Entertainment]]
U.S. Gold
Crusade in Europe 1985 MicroProse MicroProse
Crusader Collection 1997 Origin Systems Origin Systems
Crusader: No Regret 1996 Origin Systems Origin Systems
Crusader: No Remorse 1995 Origin Systems Origin Systems
Crush, Crumble and Chomp! 1983 Epyx Epyx
Crusher 1991 Soleau Software Soleau Software
Crusher Castle II 1993 Soleau Software Soleau Software
Cryptic Passage for Blood 1997 WizardWorks Sunstorm Interactive
Crypto Cube 1983 DesignWare DesignWare
Crystal Ball 1988 R.K. West Consulting Digital Horizons
Crystal Caves 1991 Apogee Software Apogee Software
Crystal Maze, The 1994 Digital Jellyfish Design Sherston Software
Crystal Pixels 1997 Home Sweet Pixel Home Sweet Pixel
Crystals of Arborea 1991 Silmarils Silmarils
Curse of Enchantia 1992 Core Design Core Design
Curse of the Azure Bonds 1989 Strategic Simulations Strategic Simulations
Curse of the Catacombs
Curses 1993 Graham Nelson
Cutthroats 1984 Infocom Infocom
Cyber Empires 1992 Silicon Knights Strategic Simulations
Cyberball 1991 Atari Domark
Cyberbox 1991 Doug Beeferman
Cyberbox II 1992 Doug Beeferman
Cyberchess 1992 Gamer's Edge Softdisk Publishing
Cybercon III 1991 Assembly Line U.S. Gold
Cyberdogs 1994 Ronny Wester Ronny Wester
Cybergenic Ranger:
Secret of the Seventh Planet
1990 Symtus Symtus
Cyberia 1994 Xatrix Entertainment Interplay Entertainment
Cyberia 2: Resurrection 1995 Xatrix Entertainment Virgin Interactive
Cyber Judas 1994 D.C. True Empire Interactive
CyberMage: Darklight Awakening 1995 Origin Systems Electronic Arts
CyberRace 1993 Cyberdreams Cyberdreams
Cybersphere 1996 Clay Hellman Psycon Software
CyberStrike 1994 Simutronics Corporation MicroProse
Cyberwar 1994 SCi Interplay Entertainment
Cyberwars 1992 Emerging Ventures and Arts
Cyborg 1982 Sentient Software Softsmith Software
Cycle Wars 1993 VectorScope Software VectorScope Software
Cyclemania 1994 Compro Games Accolade
Cycles: International
Grand Prix Racing, The
1989 Accolade Accolade
CyClones 1994 Raven Software Strategic Simulations
Cylindrix 1996 Goldtree Enterprises Goldtree Enterprises
Cyril Cyberpunk 1996 Reality Studios Reality Studios
Cyrus 1985 Intelligent Chess Software Intelligent Chess Software
Czorian Siege 1983 Computer Applications Unlimited Howard W. Sams

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