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Sila's Quest(alternatively named Teo's Adventure) is a video game developed by Island Dream - Games & Soft, & published by Mago Ediciones SL in 1997 exclusively in Spain. The game was programmed by Javier Maura Segura. Not much info exists online about the game, & there are no known scans of the cover art, nor disk.


The game is a simple platformer where you jump with left ctrl. There is no way to configure the keys without the use of hacking since there's no main menu in the game. Taking the role of a cartoon creature, the goal in each of a total 9 levels is to kill every enemy in the level by jumping on them. Once you kill them all, you get 60 seconds in that level to collect some red, yellow, green, & blue stars for bonus points.

Enemies consisted of worms, red bouncing balls, green blobs with vacuum-ish mouths, wasps, red blobs with hair that looks like a couple of french fries, purple mini-octopus like creatures, yellow ball birds, & small creatures with red shells(possibly crabs?). The enemies when killed become different kinds of food from a lollipop to pudding.

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Sila's Quest Teo's Adventure (Island Dream) (MS-DOS) 1997 PC Longplay

Playthrough of the whole game.