Thunder Zone

Thunder Zone is a video game developed by Thunder(supposedly consisting of Kurt Kennett, & Peter Sprenger), & published by Ingenuity Software around 1994. Almost no info on the game exists online other than that, & no images of the disk, nor any cover art have ever surfaced, thus leaving downloading the game through illegal terms, & playing it on DOSBox being the only option for most people.


The game is a simple head-to-head space combat match between two ships either against the AI, or with 2 players. There are 2 powerups to choose from before you get into the main game like missiles, cloaking devices, shields, etc. The physics are largely simplified like Spacewar!, with both ships being able to reach the maximum amount of speed in seconds, continuing to go at that speed until the its direction is changed. Due to the level itself being a wraparound area, it means your ship can roam around the area for as long as possible.

Images & Videos

File:Thunder Zone music EXTENDED

The music from the game, extended for 15 minutes.

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